Bank ID's

Bank identifiers constitute your electronic identification document and signature in Danske Bank eBanking, customer service and other online services.

The bank identifiers allow you to conduct business safely as an identified customer.

Bank identifiers consist of

  • a user ID
  • a personal password and
  • a security card

You can get the first bank identifiers only by personally visiting a Danske Bank branch.


First log on

  • When using bank identifiers for the first time you must change your initial password into a four-digit number that you can easily remember.
  • Find your security card and enter the security number that corresponds to the given key number.
  • You can find your user ID in your bank identifiers agreement.

What if I forget my password or lose the security card?

  • You can order new one online or through the customer service. We will deliver the bank identifiers to your local post office by registered mail with advice of receipt and charge a service fee according to the price list.
  • You can also collect a new one from our nearest branch. Service fee will be charged according to price list. 
  • You may also disable the use of your bank identifiers by blocking them.