Benefit Level 4

Benefit Level 4

Your benefits

You get top discounts and benefits. Your combined banking total is over 150.000 euros.

Everyday banking packages
Lower prices for everyday service packages .

Legal experts
Free initial meeting with one of our legal experts.

Best expert services
Best expert services, such as loan and investment advice when you need it, including during evenings and weekends.

Telephone calls and online messages
Prioritised telephone calls and online messages.

Access to Kiinteistömaailma’s “Plus Service”.
Free services
Free services: account balance and transaction enquiries on Otto. ATMs plus payment envelope service.

Banking hours
Receive service over the phone outside normal banking hours.

Income and Expenses view
Access the Income and Expenses view on our eBanking, tablet banking and mobile banking services.

Savings account
Open a savings account with
better interest rates.

Mandatum Life
Receive added compensation on
your loan insurance from
Mandatum Life.

Receive discounts on insurance
policies, as well as VIP and
additional services.

Sign up for Danske Benefit Programme

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Login to ebank    2 Follow the easy guide    3 Sign on the agreement    4 Get benefit of the program    Sign up ebanking​​​​​​

Danske Platinum Plus package

The most comprehensive service package for the most demanding needs.

  • Danske Investor services: book-entry account, free-of-charge one-time fund subscriptions*, real-time share prices and comprehensive analysis services
  • Mastercard Platinum Credit/Debit card that includes travel insurance (Included in packages agreed upon before 1.9.2019). When you pay for your purchases with a Danske MasterCard Platinum Credit card, you are entitled to a 0.5 % cash back that is paid directly to your account.**
  • MasterCard Debit card
  • Unlimited amount of Danske current accounts (Included in new packages from 1.9.2019).***
  • Bank identifiers
  • Free-of-charge currency exchange
  • Free-of-charge cash withdrawals in euros from ATMs abroad when you use Debit card
  • SMS services
  • Bank statement
*Doesn’t cover Danske Invest Europe Enchanced Index and Danske Invest North America Enhanced Index –funds.
**The maximum cash back benefits is equal to the combined total of the daily banking fees and financial changes paid by customer to the bank during the reference period. The cash back is paid to the customer's current account (service fee account).
***Packages agreed upon before 1.9.2019 include two Danske current accounts.

Danske Gold package

Advanced services for taking care of your daily banking needs.

  • MasterCard Debit card
  • Two Danske current accounts
  • Bank identifiers
  • Free-of-charge currency exchange
  • SMS services
  • Free-of-charge cash withdrawals in euros from ATMs abroad when you use Debit card

Danske Silver package

Basic services for taking care of your daily banking needs.

  • MasterCard Debit card
  • Danske current account
  • Bank identifiers

Prices and terms


Everyday banking packages (New packages from 1.9.2019)

Danske Platinum Plus package service fee is 3,50 euros/month.
Danske Gold package service fee is 2,50 euros/month.
Danske Silver package service fee is 1,50 euros/month.