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Danske Bank's inexpensive and comprehensive service packages provide you with services with which you can quickly and easily take care of your personal and your company's bank transactions. Using the correct services you can save time and money, and focus on your business operations.

Service Packages
We have created two different kinds of service packages for you, and collected the services required in your business operations into them. The packages are based on a transactions account and daily transaction services to be connected to it. One of the packages is suitable for start-up companies and the other for more established companies. If necessary, you can select only the services you need from the packages. They can also be supplemented with additional services.

You can choose the card that is the most suitable for you from our range of corporate cards. The international Debit MasterCard is suitable as a tool for accessing your account. MasterCard Corporate Card includes a credit facility with which you can  make purchases for your company, while enjoying significant payment-free times.

Savings Accounts
Budget for investments or seasonal variations. Increase your capital with an account that has a good rate of interest. Contact us and find out more of our solutions for your business.

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