When your company has surplus liquidity for a shorter or longer period, timing and your investment strategy are of the essence to your investment decisions.

We offer advice on investing your liquidity - regardless of whether it concerns long-term equity investments or short bond purchases. If your company has cash flows in foreign currencies, we can also help identify the future currency risks and set up a foreign exchange strategy.

Increase your profitability through cash management
Optimal cash management solutions ensure that your company’s assets are always effectively invested, considering the nature of your business and its liquidity requirements.

Services for equity investment 
Danske Bank provides your company with better-than-ever services for equity investment, excellent tools, a wide product selection and 18 marketplaces around the world.

Find profitable investment solutions through mutual funds
Fund investments are an easy and popular way of putting your company’s surplus cash to work. Low-risk money market funds are ideal for corporate cash management.

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Protect your capital through bonds and structured bonds 
Danske Bank's evolving product selection includes traditional bonds, as well as modern, partially or fully capital-protected, structured bonds for those who are risk-averse.

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Invest in your employees through insurance investing
It’s worth investing in your company’s most valuable asset – its employees. Investments in group pension insurance, for example, form valuable incentives, committing employees and easing recruitment.

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