Cash Management

To manage cash management smoothly and efficiently is vital to your company. Danske Bank´s cash management solutions provide simple and efficient liquidity and cash management tools for your company.

Paying invoices electronically is easy and inexpensive. eBanking allows you to pay individual invoices or send payment material by batch transfer. If you have software that generates batch transfer material, you can transmit it to the bank using Danske Link electronic banking software.

Your company will not need invoicing or electronic banking software when you use e-invoicing through eBanking. The service allows you to generate and send electronic invoices to companies and gradually discontinue the use of paper invoice forms. You can also receive invoices as e-invoices and pay them conveniently in eBanking.

Cash handling
A cash handling agreement improves the efficiency of cash management. You can easily and securely deposit cash accumulated in your company's place of business into a bank account by making a Cash Handling Agreement with Danske Bank.

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