International services

The Danske Bank Group conducts banking business in the following 12 countries: Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

The international network
The local services of Danske Bank Group are available to you in much the same way as your own branch.

Trade and Export Finance
No matter whether you are an importer or an exporter, it is essential for you to find a financing solution that will serve both payment and financing needs, and facilitate risk management.

Danske Bank provides your company with help to find out about different ways of financing. The solution could be a documentary credit, for example, in which the bank secures payment and financing can be included. Confirmation of documentary credits, guarantees and securities will protect against country and bank risks.

International Cash Management
It is important to handle payments and cash management easily and reliably. Danske Bank as part of the Danske Bank Group is an flexible banking partner for your company. Our cash management solutions allow you to efficiently and productively manage your company's cash flows and liquidity in Finland and abroad.

Cash Management services abroad
When your company has operations in several countries, having an account in each appropriate country facilitates everyday banking. If your account is with a bank belonging to the Danske Bank Group, you have access to account information in real time and you can handle local payments through our services. If the account is with another foreign bank, you can still manage the account directly from your desk.


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