ETFs are exchange-traded funds quoted on the stock market; they are traded on the market in the same way as shares. The acronym ETF stands for Exchange-Traded Fund. An ETF fund is managed by a fund company. In addition to share indices, through ETFs you can also invest in raw materials, bonds and currencies. ETFs are in fact a cost-effective way to diversify investments between different asset categories.


Benefits of ETF investing

  • ETFs combine, in a single investment, the advantages of a direct investment in shares and a fund investment. Investing in ETFs generates a diversified investment in a single investment.
  • ETFs allow you to invest easily in different industries, raw materials and geographical areas, which would otherwise be out of reach.
  • Trading ETFs (exchange-traded funds) is as easy as trading shares.
  • ETFs are well suited for short-term trading since they are traded throughout the exchange day.

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