Bonds and structured bonds

With bonds and structured bonds, you can invest on markets of interest while protecting your capital. Danske Bank's changing selection offers your company both traditional Danske Bank, state, municipal and company bonds and modern, partly or fully capital-protected structured bonds.
Sampo Pankki Indeksi-ja Joukkolainat
A bond investment offers the risk-averse company a stable, traditional and familiar way to save, and is also competitive compared to savings accounts.

A bond is suitable for the investor who values annual returns. The minimum amount for a bond investment varies between €1,000 and €50,000. The investment does not require management procedures and can be converted into cash as required depending on the market situation.

Structured bonds
Structured bonds allow you to pursue profits while protecting your capital. A structured-bond investment is a modern way to invest with limited risk in different markets of interest, with partial or full capital protection.

A structured bond is an investment in the form of a bond, consisting of a traditional interest rate investment (the protective portion) and different types of return components (return portion). The nominal capital invested is protected and the size of the returns depends on the trend of the underlying commodity. Underlying commodities include shares, funds, interest rates, currencies and combinations thereof.

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Danske Banks capital-protected structured bonds
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