Equity funds

Through our equity funds, you can save and invest effortlessly in the stock markets of both developed and developing countries, providing you with access to the profit opportunities available in emerging economies. In addition, you can choose from different style and theme equity funds, offering a wide range of fund alternatives focused on different market areas, industries and investment styles.

Our equity fund alternatives include funds which invest in both value-based companies as well as growth companies. By utilising our expertise in different market areas and the investment know-how of our top partners, you will be sure to find the best alternative to match your investment style.

  • We offer an extensive selection to choose from to match your investment goals.
  • Equity funds are the right option for you if your investment span is over five years.

Basic equity funds
We manage our basic equity funds professionally – through them, you can access the stock markets in Finland, the rest of Europe as well as Japan and North America. You will receive a professionally-managed, well-diversified investment solution from the market of your choice. The funds are invested in listed shares and securities with stock options.

Style and theme equity funds
Through the value funds in our Style and theme fund family, you have the opportunity to invest in companies whose market value is low in terms of their price-to-book ratio. In addition, you have a choice of funds in different industries, including funds focused on technology or medicine. Our high-standard investment philosophy is applied to our portfolio management, which also utilises the investment expertise of our top partners in the different market areas of the world.

Emerging market stock funds
Through our funds which invest in emerging stock markets, you have access to the growth potential offered by still developing economies. You have the best local partners at your disposal – they follow the markets and make the required changes to the funds' investments. We believe that by using local investment expertise, we can achieve the best end results in terms of increasing the value of our funds.

Further information on our stock funds is available at danskeinvest.fi.

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You may find further information on our funds, new portfolio manager reviews, Key investor information documents and pricelist from our fund information service. Have a look and find the alternative which suits you best.


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