Solution funds

It's very simple – all you need to save and invest is a productive, professionally-managed and well-diversified ready-made investment solution, such as Sampo Compass or Sampo Goal solution fund. In this way, our extensive expertise and the investment know-how of our top experts will be available for you.


Solution funds are for you, if you

  • want a ready-made, diversified investment solution
  • want to save for retirement, vacation travel, a major purchase or some other goal

Our portfolio managers follow the markets on your behalf and look for the best possible returns in different market situations. Investments in each market area are managed by an asset manager specialised in that region. The solution-fund asset-management model is suitable for you if you want to use local investment expertise to diversify your assets among different investments.

Solution-fund investment activity aims at investing primarily in shares of Finnish and foreign funds which invest their assets in international stock markets or the euro-area interest rate markets.

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You may find further information on our funds, new portfolio manager reviews, Key investor information documents and pricelist from our fund information service. Have a look and find the alternative which suits you best.

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