Long-term interest funds

Our long-term interest funds offer you a way to save and invest in global interest rate markets. You will have a profitable, professionally-managed and well-diversified interest-investment solution available for your use. Our high-level interest philosophy and the investment know-how of our top partners are also available to you.

  • The opportunity to make diversified investments in the global interest rate markets.
  • It is for you if you want to invest for one to three years at a more moderate risk.

Our long-term interest funds allow you to save and invest in low-risk government and corporate bonds. You will also have access to higher-risk asset categories, including High Yield loans and the interest markets of emerging economies. The interest rate investor also has the option of following the principles of sustainable development in his/her investments; in that case only issues of companies which fulfil the terms for sustainable development are included in the fund.

Further information on our long-term interest funds is available at danskeinvest.fi.

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