Through a large selection of funds, you gain access to international investment markets and the benefits they offer. Our award-winning, high-level expertise and the investment know-how of our top partners will also be at your service. You can choose from among ready-made investment and savings solutions or advice for the independent, active investor.
Solution funds

It's very simple – all you need to save and invest is a productive, professionally-managed and well-diversified ready-made solution.

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Lyhyen koron rahastot
Short-term interest funds

Through our short-term interest funds, you will gain a wide and interesting view of the interest rate markets.

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Pitkän koron rahastot
Long-term interest funds
Long-term interest funds offer an excellent profit potential for the long-term interest rate investor.

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Combined funds
Through our combined funds, you can save and invest in both stock and interest rate markets at the same time.

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Equity funds
Our equity funds offer you easy and effortless access to the global stock markets.

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Vaihtoehtoisten omaisuuslajien rahastot
Alternative types of capital funds
Alternative types of capital offer you an effective way to diversify your investment portfolio.

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Jatkuvan säästämisen ratkaisut
Continuous saving

By saving a small amount every month in a fund, you can accumulate even a sizable nest egg for your future.

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You may find further information on our funds, new portfolio manager reviews, Key investor information documents and pricelist from our fund information service. Have a look and find the alternative which suits you best.

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