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Managing your finances as a whole
Instead of chasing the best investment tip of the day, the saver and investor should focus on the comprehensive management of his/her personal finances. The starting point, then, is to view your personal finances as a whole, including income and expenses and assets and liabilities.

The difference arising out of deducting your expenses from your income is a savings reserve that should be deposited and kept for unexpected expenses, or invested productively. The more you save and the more wealth you accumulate, the more your money will work for you. In this way, you will increase your net assets – the result of deducting your debts from your assets (such as deposits, funds, shares, real estate and forest).

Make an appointment in our office to plan your finances. Bring along your tax return and information concerning your holdings. Our specialists help you discern your situation and future potential.


When we know what your wishes and goals are, we can offer you an investment solution which perfectly matches your life situation. Goals, presumed investment period and risk tolerance are central factors in charting your investor profile. The Investment profile we have drawn up together with you will help you understand what type of a saver and investor you are.

What type of an investor are you?

  • Protector You want to protect your investments against significant falls in value. Maintaining a low risk is most important to you, and for this reason you accept a lower return.

  • Value builder You focus on controlled growth of your assets. You are ready to accept a moderate risk while pursuing a better return.

  • Return-seeking You seek a quick increase in the value of your investments over the long term. You do not need to use your assets for daily expenses or to cover unexpected expenditure. You are also prepared to accept a higher than usual level of risk and bear sharp value fluctuations in pursuing a higher return.

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