Secure your computer

In order to keep eBanking safe, you also need to secure your computer. You should at least take these things into consideration:

  • Update your operating system, browser and other software, such as Adobe Reader, Quick Time, Office-applications and Java, with the latest security patches from the vendor. Most programs offer an automated update feature, which we recommend you use.
  • Use updated antivirus software and scan your computer regularly
  • Use an updated personal firewall
  • Use a browser, which supports at least 128-bit SSL encryption

In addition to the above, you can protect your computer against viruses, worms and other malware by being cautious when using the Internet or e-mail, or installing or downloading programs.

  • Avoid suspicious websites and opening dubious links
  • Do not open or install dubious files
  • Do not open strange and dubious e-mail messages, their file attachments or links
  • When you are installing software, remember to ensure that the installation CDs or DVDs come from a reliable software manufacturer and that the downloaded files come from reliable sites.