Mobile Services

Would you like to manage your banking at any time and anywhere? Manage your banking with our feeless mobile services.

You can make transfers, check your account balance and view the exchange rates. You can also subscribe to get a text message of whenever your account balance is changing.

When you are using a mobile phone and Danske Bank eBanking identifiers the following will be available to you:

  • Mobile applications with iPhone and Android-phones. (Application in Finnish)
  • Automatic phone service. (This service is only in Finnish)
  • SMS services. (This service is only in Finnish)
Bank in your mobile - Danske Banks bank application for iPhone and Android-phones.

With one phone call you can order account details and information about Visa, MasterCard and consumer loan as a text message to your phone.We will send the requested information as a text message to your mobile phone. This service is only in Finnish.

Through eBanking you can select different services. You can receive notifications as e-mail or SMS messages.