Track your spending

​The new spending overview gives you a visual summary of where your money goes. In an easy-to-understand graphic chart, you can follow the trend in your spending broken down into various categories such as housing, transport and household goods. You can also change the categories yourself and categorise the payment and transfers that you make.

If you use Mobile Banking or iPad, you can also download an updated version of our app and get a better overview of your finances. Only you have access to your spending overview. Danske Bank cannot view or access it.




How are you able to automatically categorise my expenses/spending?
In many cases, the eBanking system can identify the line of business of the shop or online shop where you used your card. However, not all transactions can be categorised automatically. You can always categorise your transactions yourself.
Why can you categorise only my expenses automatically and not my income?
We are currently not able to categorise incoming payments automatically, but we hope that you will find it easy to categorise such amounts manually. You can opt to have the system automatically assign the same category to other payments from the same payer (both past and future payments).
I have an idea for a new category – what should I do?
You are of course welcome to share your ideas with us – we will add and delete categories on an ongoing basis when we identify a need. Write to us
Why can't I establish my own categories?
Because we would like to later introduce a function which allows you to compare your spending with other people's spending. This will not be possible if you establish your own categories, so we have decided not to include such an option at the moment.
Can Danske Bank access my spending overview?
No, only you have access to your spending overview.
How do I disable the spending overview?
You decide if you want the spending overview or not. To disable it, simply click "Hide categories" just above the search field on the transactions page. If you want to enable it again, click "Show categories".
Why are some of my transactions not categorised?
Some transactions can be difficult to categorise automatically from the data we receive from the payee. You can always categorise a payment yourself and opt to have the same category assigned to all future payments to the same payee.