Customer identification

Customer identification

Have you checked your mail from the bank? There may be an important request for information.

We have contacted some of our customers as they are required to provide further information to verify their identity. For example, we may ask you for a copy of your identification card or about the origin or purpose of funds paid into your account. It is very important to respond to this request and provide the information as soon as possible so that the bank is able to fulfil its statutory obligations.

The bank may approach you on this subject with a message sent via eBanking, a letter or a phone call.

According to Finnish legislation, banks are required to identify their customers, to ensure their identity on the basis of a document approved as an identification card, and to store the document’s data in its archives. Danske Bank stores the identity verification information to ensure customer security and to fulfil its statutory obligations. These obligations are related to the legislation on preventing and detecting money laundering and terrorist financing and other legislation, and it is important for banks and authorities to observe this legislation.

Why is the bank asking me this?

The bank is required to verify a customer’s identity on the basis of an official identification document and also to know the customer’s service requirement, and the nature and content of these services.

In order to ensure secure banking and to be able to offer the best possible overall service Danske Bank wants to know its customers as well as possible.

The bank has a statutory obligation to identify and know its customers and to maintain the information obtained throughout the customer relationship.

In addition to the customer’s personal data, the bank is required to have sufficient information on the customer’s operations, financial status, banking activities and use of services.

The bank also has a statutory obligation to ask the customer for information on the use of banking services and the origin and purpose of funds paid to the account.

All information and documentation provided by the customer to the bank is treated confidentially in accordance with Finnish bank secrecy regulations.


Danske Bank accepts the following undamaged documents that are valid for a prescribed time to verify a customer’s identity:

The following documents issued by a Finnish authority:
  • Finnish driving licence (issued after 1 October 1990), excluding driving licenses which have originally issued in another country
  • ID card
  • National passport (not an alien’s passport)

Travel documents issued by a foreign authority:
  • National passport (not an alien’s passport)
  • An ID card issued by an authority in the EU and Schengen Area (with a chip, hologram or other optical security features)

What should I do if I am asked to provide a copy of an identification document?

Danske Bank has decided to store the copy of the identification document in the customer’s document archive in order to verify the validity of information. This is also required by the Personal Data Act and the legislation mentioned above. There are numerous ways to provide the bank with a missing copy of the document – the matter has been made as easy as possible for the customer while also taking security issues into account.

You can provide us with a photograph or photocopy of your identification document in several different ways.

Providing information via eBanking, or the mobile or tablet banks

Our request comes with instructions on how to easily and safely provide the information electronically. Providing the information via eBanking or the mobile or tablet banks is safe, as the material is sent via a secure connection.

To ensure security we are unable to receive and process confidential information sent via email.

By mail

The letter comes with a return envelope in which you can send a photocopy of your identification document to the bank.

At a branch of Danske Bank

If you wish, you can also take care of the matter at any of our branches by making an appointment.


Please note

Danske Bank never asks for your bank identifiers or credit card details by phone or email, nor does Danske Bank ever asks for your credit card number, or its expiry date or PIN on its website or via eBanking.