What if I lose my bank identifiers
or they are stolen abroad?

If you have lost your bank identifiers or think they may have been stolen, you should block them as soon as possible on the security code entry page when logging on to eBanking, or by calling to Danske Bank.

Block your bank identifiers on the security code entry page
First, log on to eBanking at www.danskebank.fi > Log on to eBanking. Enter your user ID and PIN and click Continue. Then select Block Bank Identifiers from the menu on the left of the screen and click Block. You don´t need any security card code to block your bank identifiers.

You can also block your bank identifiers whilst logged into eBanking. Select Use of eBanking > Settings > Bank Identifiers, and click Block bank identifiers.

Block your bank identifiers by telephone
- Contact the 24hr Card Service on +358 200 2585 (lnc/mnc) and inform the advisor that you wish to block your bank identifiers.
- Contact Customer Services on +358 200 2590 (lnc/mnc) or Customer Support on +358 200 2589 (lnc/mnc), open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

When you block your bank identifiers, your eBanking session will immediately time out and your identifiers can no longer be used to access any secure service.

When you are abroad, you can reactivate your bank identifiers only by ordering new password and security card by using our online order form on our website.  Bank identifiers will be sent to by mail or by DHL courier service. A service charge will be debited from your account for this service.

You will be issued with a temporary password that will remain valid for 30 days. When you log on for the first time using your new bank identifiers, you will be asked to change this password to a 4-digit PIN that will be easy for you to remember. However, we recommend that you avoid numbers that others might be able to guess, such as your date of birth or the last digits of your personal identity code. You should also never re-enter an old PIN.