I don’t have the correct
security card, what should I do?

The correct security card number will be displayed on the security number page as you log on to the eBanking service. If the number is different from the card you are using, you may be referring to an old card.

Check if you have already received a new security card, because if you use eBanking infrequently, the new security card may have arrived even several months ago.

A new security card will be automatically sent to your home address when by default less than 20 pairs of unused key and security numbers remain on your current card. If you have recently received a new security card, check if you have another card, where there are still left unused security numbers.

If you need a new security card, use our online order form on our website or by contact our Customer Service team on +358 (0) 200 2590 (lnc/mnc) Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. A new security card will be sent to you using an advice of delivery service, to be picked up from your local post office. Please note that you will be required to sign for this item. A service charge will be debited from your account for this service.