How do I log on to eBanking
for the first time?

To access the Danske Bank eBanking service you will need your Danske Bank identifiers – your user ID, password and security card.

The temporary password issued to you by Danske Bank will remain valid for a period of 30 days. When you log on to the service for the first time using your bank identifiers, you will be asked to change this password to a 4-digit number that will be easy for you to remember. However, we recommend that you avoid numbers that others might be able to guess, such as your date of birth or the last digits of your personal identity code. You should also never re-enter an old PIN.

You can log on to eBanking via our website at > Log on to eBanking, using the link at the top right hand side of the screen.

Enter your user ID and temporary password and click Continue. You will now be prompted to change your password: enter your temporary password once and your new 4-digit PIN twice and click Continue. Your new PIN will be activated and you will be able to use it next time you log on to eBanking. Finally, enter a security number matching the key number provided and click Continue. This will take you to the eBanking service.

You will need your security card every time you log on to eBanking. The PIN number will be used to authorise payments and other transactions.

You can use your bank identifiers to access personal telephone banking services, mobile banking (available in Finnish) and automated telephone banking service (available in Finnish and Swedish). Using your identifiers to access our telephone banking service is extremely straightforward with clear instructions provided at each stage of your call.