Board of Directors of Danske Bank Plc approves merger plan

Company announcement
Danske Bank Plc
26 June 2017

As announced on 2 February 2017, Danske Bank A/S is looking into the possibilities of merging its activities in Finland into a single Finnish branch. As a part of this process, the Board of Directors of Danske Bank Plc has on 26 June 2017 approved a plan aiming at merging Danske Bank Plc with its parent company Danske Bank A/S. The merger is expected to take effect from 31 December 2017.

The merger is subject to the final approval by the Board of Directors of Danske Bank Plc and relevant approvals from the authorities.

Following the merger, our bank services will be offered in Finland by Danske Bank A/S Finland branch. Through the planned merger, the Danske Bank Group will achieve a uniform, simple organisational structure across the Nordic markets. The simpler our organization is, the easier it is for us to develop our services to the benefit of our customers.

The planned merger will be primarily of a technical nature and will not change the way in which we serve our customers, nor will employees experience changes.

Danske Bank Plc

Contact: Anu Ilvonen, Head of MarCom in Danske Bank Plc, tel. +358 (0)10 546 8002.