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We at Danske Bank wish to make it as easy as possible to become our customer. Whether you are setting up a new business or wish to change banks, we will assist and consult you in the practical arrangements.  


As a prospective entrepreneur, you will need to make a number of choices right at the beginning.

Let us help you
We will be happy to assist you in any banking concern you may have. We will select from a range of options the solutions that best suit your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions such as:

  • What type of account would best serve the needs of my business?
  • What is the most convenient means of payment for the daily purchases of my business?
  • What is the most effective way to take care of my invoicing?
  • How do I finance my investments or operating capital?
  • How do I secure the future of me, my family and my business in the event of sickness or accident?

Contact Danske Bank to discuss your banking matters conveniently and effortlessly.
Book an appointment with our service specialist to review the practicalities of setting up a business and to agree on the activation of the services that your business needs.

Book your appointment now:
Call our Business Service at 010 546 3112 mon–fri 9am–5pm (8,35 cents/call + 12,09 cents/min.) or

send us a appointment request.


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