Call our Business Services

Our Business Service experts will assist you in your daily banking at 010 546 3112 mon–fri 9am–4pm (8,35 cents/call + 12,09 cents/min.)

Call us to agree on additional services, make changes to your existing service agreements and get advice on using our services. Our Business Service will also assist you if you wish to book an appointment. We will schedule an appointment with you at your chosen branch. 

If you have questions about software or material transfer services or you wish to close your card or banking credentials, call the following numbers:

Software and material transfer service support at 0600 12525 
Mon–Fri 8am–5pm (€1.19/min +local network charge/mobile phone charge) 

  • Material transfer service support
  • Danske Link banking software support

Reports of lost cards and card service at 0200 2585, 24 h service
(local network charge/mobile phone charge)

  •  Reports of lost or stolen cards

Automatic telephone service at 0200 1580, 24 h service
(€0.39/min + local network charge/mobile phone charge)
  • Account balance and transaction queries
  • Changing of password associated with your banking credentials
  • Closing of banking credentials
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