Danske Bank A/S's corporate governance


​Danske Bank A/S complies with the general requirements on remuneration systems laid down in Chapter 8, section 3, of the Act on Credit Institutions.

The Board of Danske Bank A/S has approved the general principles of the remuneration systems applied in the bank and monitors and assesses their functioning and compliance with them.

Danske Bank A/S has a Remuneration Committee composed of Board members. The Committee’s duty is to provide assistance to the Board in decisions concerning management and control of the remuneration systems. The composition and working of the Remuneration Committee has been organised in compliance with Chapter 8, section 5, of the Act on Credit Institutions. The Risk Committee of the Board assists the Remuneration Committee in creating and assessing remuneration systems.

Other aspects of Danske Bank A/S’s compliance with the provisions of Chapter 8 of the Act on Credit Institutions are explained here (in Finnish).