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Processing customer data at Danske Bank

This page tells you about the customer information collected by Danske Bank, the sources and use of the information and the situations in which information will be disclosed. We also provide instructions for checking your information in the bank's registers, correcting any errors in your information and prohibiting the use of your information.

Danske Bank A/S, Finland branch, is the Finnish subsidiary of the Danish company Danske Bank A/S.

Our address in Finland is Televisiokatu 1, Fi-00075 DANSKE BANK, telephone +358 (0)10 546 0000, The head office of Danske Bank A/S is located at Holmens Kanal 2-12,  DK-1092, Copenhagen K, Denmark.

Where is customer data obtained?

The bank has a statutory obligation to know its customers and establish their identity. The bank obtains information related to its customers' banking from customers themselves and from official registers into which information has been stored for general use. Such official registers include the population register, the Trade Register, the Register of Associations and the Business Information System. The bank also uses the registers of credit rating bureaus such as Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.

Necessary information concerning individuals includes the customer's name, contact information and personal identity number. For corporate and institutional customers, this information consists of information in public registers as well as information concerning the ownership of an enterprise or other corporation, as well as up-to-date information on corporate representatives. The bank also needs information on the financial standing and business operations of its customers.

More detailed information about the bank's customer register is available in our description of file, which is available in all our bank branches and on our Web pages.

The bank records telephone calls between the bank's employees and customers on telephones included in the scope of the telephone service. The recordings and their identification data are used for establishing the existence of agreements and other legal transactions and for verifying service situations.

What is customer data used for?

Customer data is used for customer service and customer relationship management, marketing, advice and risk management, for example when granting credit and exercising controls. For risk management reasons, the bank rates its customers as required under legislation and official guidelines.

Customer data is also used for the design and development of new services that the bank or other companies within Danske Bank Group offer to their customers.

When does the bank disclose customer data to outsiders?

Information possessed by the bank in relation to customers is protected by statutory bank secrecy. The bank's employees are not entitled to disclose customer data to outsiders without the customer's consent or use them for any purposes other than the above.

However, different statutes impose obligations under which banks must disclose customer data to authorities such as the tax authorities.

When handling a customer's payment order, the bank is obliged to disclose to the beneficiary's bank not only the name of the payer but also a unique identifier related to the payer, such as address, account number, customer number, date and place of birth or personal identity code that can later be used to link the payment to the payer if necessary.

Some foreign regulations or the operation of payment systems may also require that information concerning the payer be disclosed to the beneficiary of payment. An intermediator of payments may also be obliged to disclose information to authorities.   

Except in cases prescribed in legislation, the bank will only disclose customer data with the consent of the customer or based on the customer's order. The customer is entitled to cancel or change his consent at any time by notifying the bank.

More information about bank secrecy, the disclosure of information and the right of authorities to obtain information is available from the bank secrecy guidelines published by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services on their Web site at

Disclosure of data within the Danske Bank Group

According to law, Danske Bank is entitled to disclose customer data to other companies belonging to the Danske Bank Group that are subject to the same obligation of confidentiality as Danske Bank. The data may be used for customer service and other customer relationship management, risk management and marketing. More information about companies belonging to the Danske Bank Group is available on our Web pages at

The customer's right to prohibit the use of data for marketing purposes

Any customer is entitled to prohibit the bank from targeting any marketing activity towards him. Notice of prohibition can be given at a branch, through eBanking, by telephone service or by letter. The customer is also entitled to specify the means of communication that must not be used for marketing messages.   

The customer's right of access

According to the Personal Data Act, any customer is entitled to know what information related to him is stored in the bank's customer register. Such an enquiry can be made at a bank branch or via eBanking. Anyone making an enquiry must establish his identity. The bank will respond to the customer by letter.

Error in customer data

If it becomes evident that there is an error in the bank's register concerning a customer, we will rectify the data as soon as possible. If incorrect information has been disclosed to third parties, we will also submit a correction for the recipient.

If the customer finds an error in his customer data, he can request the bank to correct it.

Information on the processing of customer data

More information about the processing of customer data at Danske Bank is available from Danske Bank Legal Affairs.

The Data Protection Ombudsman of Finland engages in guidance, supervision and advice related to the processing of personal data and use of personal data files. The contact information for the Data Protection Ombudsman's office is:

Ratapihantie 9, 00520 Helsinki, P.O. Box 800, FI-00521 HELSINKI, advice by telephone Mon-Thu 9 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 3 pm, Fri 9 am to 12 noon on 02956 16670,

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