General terms

Terms and conditions for web pages

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By accessing these web pages, you will be bound by the following terms and conditions of the use of bank’s web pages.  In these terms and conditions, the definition "web pages" covers web pages and also other applications. 

1. Ownership of the web pages

These terms and conditions shall apply only on the use of web pages (hereinafter, “web pages”) published by Danske Bank A/S (hereinafter, “Bank”). These web pages are owned and maintained by the Bank. The definition “Bank” covers also Danske Bank A/S and it’s subsidiaries situated in Finland. The official information about these companies is available on these web pages.

2. Immaterial rights

The right of ownership, copyright, trademark and all other immaterial rights pertaining
- to these web pages
- to products and services offered or used therein and
- to information and to text, image, sound, layout or other content, and the names and logos (hereinafter, “content”)
shall be held by the Bank, Danske Bank A/S or other company belonging to Danske Bank A/S group, unless express notification is made on web pages of the said rights being the property of a third party.

It is allowed to print or otherwise take copies of the content for personal, non-commercial private use only. The copying, saving or other reproduction, adaptation, modification, transfer, assignment, other utilization or exploitation of the content or parts thereof without the prior written permission of the Bank is prohibited. It is not allowed to quote or to distribute in public Bank's content or any part thereof without the prior written permission of the Bank. Should the Bank grant permission to quote and/or distribute in public its content or parts of it
- the said content may be used only in a relevant context in accordance with legislation, regulations issued by the authorities and good practice
- the source - Danske Bank A/S - must always be announced.

3. Geographic restrictions

The regulatory regimes and compensation arrangements in overseas locations will be different in each jurisdiction. Thus it is important to notice that the content of these pages are aimed at and intended for use in the Finnish markets by service users who are either Finnish or who live in Finland. Finnish legislation shall apply to the content regardless of the country from which the said services are being used.

4. Information on these web pages

On these web pages it is possible to obtain general information on the Bank and the financial products and services provided by the Bank. Information is presented "as is" and unless expressly otherwise notified, such information cannot be regarded as a firm offer, request, commitment or other expression binding on the Bank. Unless otherwise expressly notified, information on an individual product or service, notifications and advertisements are not binding offers but rather requests to make offers.

The content of these web pages cannot be construed as being recommendation or investment advice or as being request to engage in investment operations.

Any information or opinions contained herein have been produced by the Bank based on information obtained from sources believed to be reliable but which it has not independently verified.

The Bank accepts no responsibility or liability as to the accuracy and completeness of the information published on these web pages. The Bank shall neither be responsible for the suitability of information nor content presented on the web pages such as trading related to investment services, or for the suitability of the information for any given, specific purpose.

The Bank shall bear no responsibility for damages resulting from action or inaction on the part of the customer based on information presented on these pages. The customer shall always bear responsibility for the financial result of investment activities. Past stock market and fund performance is no guarantee of future appreciation.

5. Disclosure of interest

The Bank, its affiliates, and any of their directors, officers or employees may, to the extent permitted by law, have a position or otherwise be interested in any transaction, in any investment mentioned at these web pages. The Bank’s research analysts are not permitted to invest in securities under coverage in their own research sectors.

6. Price information

Prices, rates and values published on these web pages are provided for information purposes only and are indicative unless otherwise stated. Such prices, rates and values do not necessarily represent the terms on which a new transaction could be entered into or an existing position could be liquidated. Please clarify when needed the prices, rates and values before such transactions.

7. Linked sites

The Bank may offer access to the web pages of a third party via a link placed on these web pages, or offer or convey on these web pages products, services and information provided by a third party. The Bank has not reviewed and is nor responsible for the content of web pages provided by third parties, any other web page linked to these web pages neither products or services produced or provided by the third party.

A mere link to the web page of a third party shall not constitute a relationship of intermediary, agent or supplier between the Bank and the third party. In no respect shall the bank make any comment on or assume any responsibility for web pages of a third party and for information, products or services offered there. Only the terms and conditions of the agreement between the customer and the third party shall apply to the third party services offered via or linked with these web pages. The Bank shall not be party to any agreement between the customer and the third party and shall not be held liable for any obligations, errors or delays related thereto. The Bank shall not guarantee for any part the financial standing or service features of the third party whose services are offered or transmitted over or linked with these web pages. 

The Bank shall not be held liable for any part of information and content produced and/or made public by a third party. The third party shall be responsible for all material and content it has produced and made public, such as text, images, sound and the layout of the content, and for the aforementioned information not violating the privacy or reputation of the customer or other person and the content not infringing upon the immaterial rights of the customer or another third party.

8. No warranty

The Bank accepts no responsibility for ensuring, and makes no warranty, that these web pages will be uninterrupted or error-free. The bank is not responsible for the availability of these web pages.

The Bank, its directors, officers or employees accept no liability for any damages or direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the availability or any use of these web pages, including any harm or defect caused to customers computers as a result of access and use of the server that makes these web pages available.

9. Privacy

The Bank complies with all domestic legislation regarding the bank secrecy, data protection and privacy and good data protection practices related. The Bank has published Privacy Principles on these web pages.

The Bank shall be entitled to log information about the requests of the browser of the customer’s computer regarding the use of these web pages such as information of operating system, browser and java version in order to develop the service and new technical data security solutions.

10. Changes

The Bank shall be entitled to change these web pages, the content included these terms and conditions, and technical requirements for hardware and software to browse these pages without giving advance notice by taking the changed web pages, content or solution into use and by announcing when needed any such changes on Bank's web page.

11. Language versions

These terms and conditions are available in Finnish, Swedish and English language. If there will be conflict between different language versions, the Finnish version shall apply primary. 

12. Applicable legislation and legal venue

In addition to these terms Finnish law shall be applied to the use of these web pages.
In the event of failure to settle any disputes arising from these web pages or this agreement through negotiation, these shall be settled by the Helsinki District Court. The consumer is entitled to institute legal proceedings in the district court of his or her domicile in Finland.